Open Dolomites

“The mountains are for everyone, not just climbers: for those seeking rest in the silence, and for those who seek even greater rest in their labours”. This is how Guido Rey, the Italian climber, described the mountains – and this is exactly what a World Heritage Site like the Dolomites should offer. The Dolomites should be accessible to everyone and a number of routes have already been freed of all barriers to allow everyone to enjoy the extraordinary Dolomite landscape. Over the past couple of years, awareness of the accessibility issue has grown. High altitude puts limits and barriers in our way, it forces us to dig deep, to develop great moral strength and character, and people with disabilities are often the ones to show us more unconventional ways and solutions. (source


The aim of “Making the Dolomites more accessible” is to give visitors and residents alike firsthand experience of this extraordinary natural environment, irrespective of any disabilities they may have, making the most of the characteristics of the mountains which tend naturally towards sustainable accessibility.