Making Heritage Available to All - The Project

The aim of “Making the Dolomites more accessible” is to give visitors and residents alike firsthand experience of this extraordinary natural environment, irrespective of any disabilities they may have, making the most of the characteristics of the mountains which tend naturally towards sustainable accessibility. Unlike towns and cities where architectural barriers are artificial restrictions that discriminate against anyone with reduced mobility, mountains have natural obstacles which make no distinction between the able and the disabled.
The UNESCO Dolomites, with their exceptionally diverse landscapes, therefore provide the ideal platform for setting up a social inclusion project which will enable everyone – whatever their degree of mobility – to access the World Heritage Site on their own or accompanied by an expert guide.
This does not mean that everyone has to have the same experiences, but that everyone will have the chance to experience the landscape and geology of the Dolomites firsthand, which is what World Heritage really stands for. Precisely for this reason, the project caters for all visitors, although it is specifically aimed at the weaker members of today’s society (people with limited mobility, the elderly, very young children).

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