Ente Friuli nel Mondo

Ente Friuli nel Mondo is a private, non-profit organization founded in Udine in 1953 and officially recognized by the Autonomous Region of Friuli Venezia Giulia. The organization promotes connections and links with Friulians residing in Italy and around the world by organizing several initiatives, sometimes also in cooperation with member associations, called “Fogolâr Furlan” and “Famee Furlane”. With 157 active partnerships and over 23,000 members of all ages and from every continent, Ente Friuli nel Mondo possesses an extraordinary endowment of relational data, at the disposal of the regional system.
Ente Friuli nel Mondo provides moral, cultural and material support by establishing every possible kind of cooperation with international institutions as well as with the Italian diplomatic authorities. The objective is to maintain the sense of Friulan cultural identity, and to promote at the same time intercultural communication, solidarity between generations, professional training, job mobility, and development of international entrepreneurship and partnership.
Ente Friuli nel Mondo edits and publishes the journal “Friuli nel Mondo”, which is distributed throughout the world, and updates regularly both its website (www.friulinelmondo.com) and its Facebook profile (www.facebook.com/ente.friulinelmondo). Ente Friuli nel Mondo also publishes a Yearbook “Annuario dei Fogolârs Furlans nel Mondo”, a pocket-sized booklet also available in digital format which summarizes updated references of all existing associations.
Video-conferencing equipment has been installed in the three headquarters abroad of Toronto (Canada), Cordoba (Argentina) and Santa Maria (Brazil) in order to build, with the aid of technology, closer and more immediate contacts with fellow compatriots from around the world.
This goal brought also to the recent digitalization of all records, making it possible to publish online the complete collection of the periodical journal “Friuli nel Mondo”, from its very first edition in November 1952, together with an anthology of 250 radio programs broadcasted for 30 years in collaboration with RAI and a photographic collection of thousands of photos from all over the world.
Furthermore, a video-guide of conversation in the Friulian language entitled “BLECS – Pillole di Friulano”, with its Friulian/English (“BLECS – Clips of Friulian”) and Friulian/Spanish (“BLECS – Perlas de Friulano”) versions, is now available and can be viewed online at www.friulinelmondo.com and www.youtube.it/canaleblecs.
The guides target beginner-level people who wish to acquire basic knowledge of the Friulan language, and in particular English and Spanish speakers of Friulian heritage, who wish to strengthen their connection with their ancestors’ country of origin.
With the help of a series of agreements for mutual collaboration with regional, national and international institutions, Ente Friuli nel Mondo intends to promote the Region of Friuli Venezia Giulia internationally and play an essential part in the realization of successful multidisciplinary projects and initiatives: Ente Friuli nel Mondo not only portrays the social and cultural aspects of Friuli, but it also aims at creating a large scale international image of Friuli and to highlight its full potential of extraordinary  scientific, political and economic skills of the Friulian communities around the world.