Südstern – Network for South Tyroleans abroad

Südstern is the network for South Tyroleans abroad, but it is far more than a social network: it is a platform aiming to develop itself constantly due to new ideas and the input of the brightest South Tyrolean minds abroad. Südstern performs a positive exchange of knowledge with the South Tyrolean economy and society.
Being a Südstern therefore means much more than being part of a network. It means to be an active part of a unique idea. It means to have the willingness and the ambition to bring things for the better and at the same time to learn about one’s self and about others. Südstern has a mission: Südstern helps young South Tyroleans to gain experiences abroad. Südstern helps South Tyroleans abroad to get linked among each other. Südstern helps South Tyroleans abroad when they are willing to turn back to South Tyrol. Südstern helps South Tyroleans abroad to get linked with South Tyrol (economy, culture, science, society). 

For more information: www.suedstern.org