Circular trail Anello del Pelmo

The “Anello del Pelmo” itinerary is also a “Talking Trail” which you can discover with this App!
It was decided to choose Mount Pelmo for the project “Talkin Trails” because it presents itself as a massive and imposing mountain that can be admired from 3 different valleys.
The 360° view of the landscape is one of the most charming and exceptionally beautiful of the entire Dolomites area. The name given to the mountain by the locals is Sass de Pelf (or Rock of Pelf) or simply Pelf, Pelmo in Italian. Its location in the center of the territories recognized by UNESCO gave a further incentive to choose this striking area for this “Talking Thematic Trail”.

Along every Talking Trail you will come across different points of interest and, thanks to GPS coordinates, you can receive information about the culture, history and landscape, making your amazing experience complete. 

The Talking Trails app is a CAI Veneto project and is financed by the Veneto Region.
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