Museo Ladin de Fascia - Ladin Museum in Fassa

With its 600 m² premises the Ladin Museum in Fassa provides visitors with a glimpse into different aspects of Ladin civilisation, including pre-history, its institutional organisations, civil and religious rituals, beliefs and traditions, till to the advent of mountaineering and mass tourism - a real historic journey through the folk lore of a people. The museum also houses the ethnographic collection of the Istitut cultural ladin. The collection results from twenty years of research focussed on the evolution of a people from its origins to the present through artefacts, which document their daily-life and spiritual culture. In order to fully reflect the image of a conscious, living community with its own language and unique history and land, the Museum also features some local sections scattered throughout the area to provide visitors with a true ethnographic journey across the entire valley.

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