Algudnei, spaces for Ladin culture in Comelico

This museum was founded in Comelico Superiore with the cooperation of the Cultural Research Group of Comelico Superiore and the Regola of Dosoledo, with the aim to preserve the culture and tradition of the place.The name of the museum "Algudnei" that is "something of us," is constituted by the union of two terms in language Ladin and precisely algu (something) and nei (us).
The museum primarily focuses on three aspects that strongly characterize the culture and tradition of Comelico Superiore: the carnival, the Regole and the “Rifabbrico”.
The comelicese carnival is undoubtedly one of the most exciting events of this territory, present for centuries in the people's folklore. Algudnei keeps in its rooms a collection of vintage photographs, documents, forms, and typical carnival costumes including Matazin and lackeys, without neglecting the classical clown.

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