Friuli’s Ethnographic Museum

Friuli's Ethnographic Museum - New Museum of Folk Arts and Traditions is situated in the historic Palazzo Giacomelli in Udine, in the picturesque and lively Borgo Grazzano.It is housed in a new, recently renovated venue, and aims at creating temporal continuity with the original 1963 project: Friuli's Museum of Folk Arts and Traditions designed by Gaetano Perusini.
Most of the documents and of the objects on display derive from the collections donated by Perusini himself and by Luigi and Andreina Ciceri and give live to various themed exhibition areas. Textual, photographic and audiovisual devices are presented on the three floors of Friuli's Ethnographic Museum, which mainly aims at recovering and setting off the identity memory of the Friulian people and of its land.
Furthermore, besides the permanent exhibitions, Friuli's Ethnographic Museum has been provided with spaces for periodical in-depth studies and for temporary exhibitions, where there will also be some moments of interaction with the visitors in order to always keep this important museum "alive".

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