EFASCE - Friulian Emigrant Social and Cultural Assistance Board

EFASCE (Friulian Emigrant Social and Cultural Assistance Board) was established in 1907 in Casarsa della Delizia under the presidency of Card.Celso Costantini. The original name was Secretariat for Migration (Segretariato di Emigrazione).On January 13, 1924, the fascist government closed the Secretariat for Migration and confiscated its documents and archives. In 1949, Bishop D'Alessi reopened the Secretariat and renamed it Diocesan Center for Migration. The headquarters were in Pordenone. The current name EFASCE (Friulian Emigrant Social and Cultural Assistance Board) has been used since January 24, 1980 and the legal offices are in Pordenone.  

Since its foundation, the main goal of EFASCE is to provide social and cultural assistance to individuals who migrated from the Pordenone Province to all corners of the world. Through a network of over 120 secretariats, EFASCE works to keep in contact with Italian citizens who migrated abroad and to maintain Friuli's culture and traditions by promoting gatherings and socio-cultural events.
More recently, EFASCE has focused also on individuals who are part of "new migration" phenomenon. By establishing a social network, www.pordenonesinelmondo.com EFASCE works to establish and maintain contacts with and among the new migrants who would not otherwise be reachable through traditional means of communication.  

The Social Network of talented individuals who are originally from the Pordenone Province and who are scattered in the world aims at promoting networking opportunities among accomplished individuals in the societies in which they work and their land of origin.
The Pordenone Province recognizes and appreciates the brilliance, experience and knowledge of those who, living outside their "Little homeland," honor their Pordenonese origins through their achievements and work. 

The criteria needed to become part of this social network are as follows:
Be originally from the Pordenone Province  
Carrying out a prestigious activity with a leadership role in the place where they reside
Reside outside Friuli Venezia Giulia

For more information: www.efasce.it and www.pordenonesinelmondo.com