Bletterbach Natural Monument

Given the enormous geological importance of the Bletterbach system, in 2005 the Municipality of Aldino created the Bletterbach Geoparc, which stretches from Aldino to Redagno and is truly a geological park within a natural monument. Geoparc takes visitors on an extraordinary journey into the very heart of the Dolomites, going deep into a canyon which is 8 km long and 400 m deep to observe the different geological periods, from the Permian to the Triassic. Geoparc also organises educational activities and excursions, allowing visitors hands-on experience of the processes that went into forming the Earth and the Dolomites in particular, and how life evolved there. The excursions in the Geoparc include a geological trail, taking visitors into the canyon, and a woodland path that is also suitable for wheelchairs and pushchairs. Along the routes there are plenty of information boards on the geological history, flora and fauna of the Bletterbach. Next to Geoparc is the Monte Corno Natural Park which covers some 6,800 hectares in the municipalities of Anterivo, Egna, Montagna, Salorno and Trodena. (source: and Green Guide, the Touring Club of Italy)

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