Puez – Odle Natural Park/Naturpark Puez – Geisler

The Puez – Odle Natural Park is home to two mountain chains in particular: the Puez and the Odle groups. Designated a protected area in 1978, it was extended in 1999 to include the Rasciesa area (which belongs to the municipality of Ortisei). The mountains were given the name Odle, which means “needles” in the Ladin language, because their peaks look just like a row of needles. The summits are famous in the climbing world thanks to Reinhold Messner, who was born here and who took his first steps in these mountains in what was to become a brilliant career. There is a rich variety of flora in the Park. Woods found mostly to the extreme north of the Park are mainly populated by Swiss pine and larch. One of the most beautiful woods is the sparse woodland in Vallunga with its Norway spruce, larch and Swiss pine trees. The fauna in the Park is just as varied as the flora. Deer populate the northern part of the Park and chamois can be found in Vallunga and Odle di Funes. Roe deer can be spotted on the slopes near Malga di Zannes, while in Vallunga it is not unusual to see the eagle-owl and hear the wood grouse. (several sources)

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