Pelmo – Croda da Lago

Covering an area of 4,344 hectares, all within the boundaries of the Province of Belluno, the Pelmo – Croda da Lago system extends to the North-West/South-East taking in Valle del Boite to the East, Val di Zoldo and Val Fiorentina to the South, Val Codalonga to the West, and Val Costeana to the North.
This system, dominated by the Pelmo massif, is famous as one of the most beautiful of all the Dolomite landscapes. Shaped like a gigantic seat, Pelmo is known in the local language as Caregon del Padreterno, the Throne of the Eternal Father. Legend has it that, after he had finished creating the Dolomites, God was so tired that he sat down on Pelmo to admire his handiwork.
As well as Pelmo, as you explore this system you will find plenty more stunning views to marvel at, among the most famous in the entire Dolomite region. The view from the Giau Pass towards Croda da Lago is one of the most iconic images of all.
Although it bears the name of the two most famous peaks, this system consists of a number of different mountain ranges.

The range formed by Mount Pelmo (3,168m) and by Pelmetto (2,990m) is separated from the Lastoi de Formin (2,657m), Rocchetta (2,496m) and Croda da Lago (2,701m) peaks, by a chain of low hills running in a north-south direction including Col della Puina and Col Roan. It also has the Cernera (2,657m) range, bounded by the river Rio Codalunga, the Giau Pass and the river Rio Mondeval, encompassing Corvo Alto-Mondeval (2,455m), Verdal (2,491m) and Col Piombin (2,313m).

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The Città di Fiume Refuge faces the north wall of Pelmo, Pelmetto and Civetta while behind it lie the gentle slopes of Col de la Puina; in the distance are the Marmolada Glacier and the Sella Group. The refuge lies along the Alta Via no. 1 of the Dolomites and the Via Alpina. It is among the points of interest of the circular “Talking Thematic Trail” Anello del Pelmo.

The full name of the refuge is “Venezia Alba Maria De Luca Refuge” and it is located between the Zoldana and the Boite Valleys. It was the very first refuge to be built in the Dolomites in 1892; it was set on fire during World War II and then rebuilt and reopened in 1954. It is among the points of interest of the circular “Talking Thematic Trail” Anello del Pelmo.